Workers & seniors rally to say: "Medicare & Medicaid Cuts Make Us Sick"

***MEDIA ADVISORY FOR AUGUST 30, 2012***Contact: Sage Wilson, Working Washington:

On the day Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan formally accept the Republican nomination...

Workers & seniors rally to say: "Medicare & Medicaid Cuts Make Us Sick"

99% to march from First Hill hospital district to Republican Rob McKenna's campaign office

On the day Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan accept their nominations in Tampa, the 99% will rally in Seattle's First Hill hospital district and march to Rob McKenna's campaign office to call for an end to Republican budget plans that include tax cuts for big corporations and the top 1%, and Medicare & Medicaid cuts for the rest of us. Together, workers, seniors, and community activists will speak out for a different set of priorities and send an unmistakeable message: "Medicare & Medicaid Cuts Make Us Sick".

Like Romney and Ryan, Rob McKenna is pushing a budget agenda that that would force deep cuts to Medicaid for seniors and disabled people — while also making it harder to close corporate tax loopholes. Maybe that's why McKenna recently said "There's no better expert on the federal budget than Representative Ryan."

When: Thursday, August 30th at 11:00 am

Where: 99% protestors will gather at corner of Boren & James in heart of First Hill hospital district.  After brief rally, march will head to Rob McKenna's campaign office at 601 S King Street, Seattle

What/visuals: Workers & seniors marching from First Hill to Rob McKenna's campaign office with signs, banners, and several 3-foot-diameter Mr. Yuk faces to say "Medicare & Medicaid cuts make us sick".

About the McKenna/Romney/Ryan budget proposals: 

  • The Ryan budget would end Medicare & Medicare as we know them. Ryan would hand Medicare over to private insurance companies, increase costs, and make seniors wait 2 additional years before receiving benefits at all. Funding for Medicaid would be slashed by more than a third, eliminating benefits for at least 14 million people.
  • Rob McKenna is pushing a state budget that would force further reductions to Medicaid services for seniors and people with disabilities — while making it harder to close corporate tax loopholes or make sure the rich pay their fair share.
  • McKenna has endorsed the Romney/Ryan ticket and praised Ryan by saying there is "no better expert" on the Federal budget than him.
  • The Romney/Ryan/McKenna agenda would slash services and eliminate thousands of jobs — at a time when we have already lost more than 15,000 jobs due to state budget cuts in the last year alone.


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