What about Amazon's ALEC risk? The question not asked on today's quarterly earnings call.

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What about Amazon's ALEC risk? The question not asked on today's quarterly earnings call.

Swirling controversy around Amazon's involvement with ALEC threatens retailers' reputation

As Amazon announced better-than-expected quarterly earnings, one key question about Amazon's future outlook went un-asked on their quarterly earnings call:

What about the reputational risk presented by the swirling controversy around Amazon's involvement with ALEC?

Amazon has been the subject of increasing controversy over its ties to ALEC, the shadowy & extreme right-wing policy organization. ALEC itself has come under increased public scrutiny in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, due to ALEC's role in spreading Stand Your Ground legislation, along with other policies that would reduce worker protections, expand tax loopholes, gut environmental protections, and make it harder for young people & people of color to vote.

Amazon is known to have been a "Director Level" supporter of ALEC's 2011 Annual Meeting. Under intense public pressure, growing numbers of big companies — from Kraft to McDonald's to Coca-Cola — have announced they are severing ties to ALEC. However, despite thousands and thousands of petition signatures and growing pressure being mounted at the local and national level by groups ranging from Color of Change to Working Washington, Amazon has so far failed to renounce its ties to ALEC.

It is clear that Amazon's continued relationship with ALEC presents considerable risks to Amazon's public reputation and could threaten to impact future sales — and the public controversy and demands for accountability are only growing in volume and intensity.

More information:

* Details of Amazon & ALEC's relationship: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Amazon

* "Amazon end your support of ALEC" petition: http://action.workingwa.org/page/signup/amazonoutofalec

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