Protestors to welcome Mitt Romney to Bellevue with a human red carpet


Raising voices against government of the 1%, by the 1%, and for the 1%

On March 1st, Mitt Romney and his fellow members of the 1% will be welcomed to their $2500-per-photo fundraising event in Bellevue with a human red carpet that's rolled out directly over workers, students, unemployed people, and others.

Our human red carpet will dramatize the ugly truth behind this gathering: the 1% are converging in Bellevue to fund a political agenda that's about walking all over the rights and interests of the 99% while offering lower taxes on big corporations and the rich. It's a vision of government of the 1%, by the 1%, and for the 1% — no matter the cost to the rest of us.

When: Thursday, March 1, 2012, 4 pm - 7 pm

Where: Gather at Bellevue City Hall at 4 pm for a march arriving at Meydenbauer Center at 5 pm. Meydenbauer Center is located at 11100 NE 6th Street.

What: Human red carpet to greet Mitt Romney in Bellevue, plus a rally, a march, and a special 99% photo opportunity.

The 99% will be offering this special red-carpet welcome to Mitt Romney and his supporters because their $2500-per-photo fundraiser is an event where some of the richest people in our region will gather in one of the richest zip codes in the country to invest money in support of one of the richest presidential candidates in history — and his agenda of lowering taxes on the rich even further. Romney's recent proposal to pay for a 20% tax giveaway to the rich with big cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and other programs is just the latest example of how the 1% are using their money to walk all over the rights and interests of the people of the 99%.

When the 1% contribute money towards lower taxes on their own wealth, it may be a good investment for them, but it's a raw deal for the rest of the us. And it raises the question: is this a democracy, or a hedge fund?

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