Kemper Freeman is "The Grinch Who Stole Congress"

Nearly one hundred jobless people, students, and others attempt to Occupy Kemper Freeman's Bellevue Office


Wearing Santa hats and singing Kemper Freeman themed Christmas carols, more than one hundred jobless people, students, and others sent a strong message at Bellevue Square Mall: We want our government back from Kemper Freeman and the other Grinches of the 1% who Stole Congress with their multimillion dollar campaign contributions.

Community members have named Kemper Freeman "the Grinch Who Stole Congress" because he has given almost $2 million in the past few years to politicians in Washington State and Washington DC who are backing severe cuts to unemployment, healthcare, education, and other programs which serve the 99%. In fact, Kemper Freeman has contributed so much to grinchy politicians that if his political contributions were a person, that person would easily be in the top 1%.

How the Grinch Cut Unemployment Benefits: Grinch Freeman gave $5,100 to Congressman Dave Reichert, who recently voted to cut unemployment insurance by 40 weeks. This would terminate benefits for more than 62,000 people across the state.

How the Grinch Cut Healthcare: Grinch Freeman invested $2,400 in Speaker of the House John Boehner, who is leading the fight in Washington DC to cut funding for Medicare, Medicaid, and other healthcare programs.

How the Grinch Cut Education: Grinch Freeman contributed more than $1 million to Tim Eyman initiatives which make it easier for the State Legislature to cut education funding than to close tax loopholes for big banks and corporate jets.

Local community members — joined by a version of Grinch Freeman in full costume — attempted to occupy Grinch Freeman's office but were blocked by Bellevue Square security and Bellevue police. Instead, they shared Grinch-themed carols and stories to try and grow this local grinch's heart a few sizes bigger — and then marched through Bellevue Square Mall to spread the word about Kemper Freeman's grinchy support of elected officials who may take away our unemployment benefits for Christmas.

How the Grinch Stole Congress!

Kemper Freeman and the other grinches of the 1% seem to have stolen Congress from the rest of us with millions in campaign contributions that back a grinchy all-cuts agenda. That's why the State Legislature has made $10 billion in cuts in the past few years. It's also why less than a week ago, the US House of Representatives voted in favor of HR 3630, a proposal which would reduce unemployment benefits for Washington workers by 40 weeks, cutting benefits entirely for 62,000 people in this state and more than 3 million across the country. Congressman Dave Reichert (R - Bellevue), who receives support from Grinch Freeman, voted in favor of this reduction in unemployment benefits.

According to the latest figures from the US Department of Labor:

  • Half of all unemployed workers have been out of work for more than six months
  • There is only one job opening for every 4 people looking for work
  • The unemployment rate has been above 8.5 percent for more than 31 months, longer than at any time since the Great Depression.

Song Lyrics:

Here Comes Kemper Freemam (to the tune of Here Comes Santa Claus)

"Here comes Kemper Freeman, Here comes Kemper Freeman, Right down Bellevue Way, Boehner and Reichert and all their cronies are pulling on the reins. Families crying, children screaming No one sleeps tonight. Hang your hopes and say your prayers 'Cause Freeman comes tonight"

Twelve Days of Working Poor (to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas)

"On my 12th day of working poor, Freeman gave to me: 12 months of suffering cuts in unemployment benefits 10 days to vacate fewer teachers 8 grocery coupons no health insurance a cut in my hours 5 past due bills cuts to Medicaid no hope for raises poverty wages and no presents under the tree"