Work That Needs Doing

If you ignore it, it won’t go Nate Jackson

Holding "Build Bridges" signs on an I-5 overpass

They say when something becomes familiar it’s easy to ignore.

We are so used to our crumbling roads and bridges that we forget that it took people to make them and people to maintain them. We just roll over them day in and day out, forgetting that without routine maintenance and constant repair, those roads and bridges will start to weaken. That’s work that needs doing and we need the work.

On November 17th we’re showing people what is right in front of them.

Working families are getting out of their houses and onto bridges. These last few weeks, families and community members have made signs and banners and taken the message that we need to invest in our communities first, not cut more and more services.

Build bridges that are sound. Repair roads that are crumbling. Hire locally and get us back to work doing things that we need right now.

Folks in Tukwila braved the ”structurally deficient” Boeing Access overpass of I-5, a series of bridges built in the early 40’s and 50’s, to spread the word that we need this important work right now.

Other community members in partnership with the Backbone Campaign rose balloons showing the top 1% owning the vast majority of the wealth that working families create. The balloon raised more than just eyebrows over the I-90 Bridge.

Somali airport workers also took to the streets in support of work that needs doing. They donned signs and banners stating that they need good jobs, fair treatment and an opportunity to use their skills to better their community.

I-5 got a double dose when community members marched on Yesler Avenue and dropped a large banner over the highway. Semi-truck drivers and working families honked in support as the community members waved American flags and hoisted signs saying “Good Jobs,” and “Stop the War on Workers.”

We see the needs every day and we are starting to recognize it. We can’t ignore the infrastructure anymore and we will keep getting out there to remind everyone else.  Come join us on November 17 and take a good long look at work that needs doing.