Work that Needs Doing

With millions unemployed across the country -- hundreds of thousands in the state of Washington-- we need to get people back to work. Luckily, there's lots of work that needs doing:

Look around. In virtually every community you’ll see work that needs doing. Rundown schools. Crumbling bridges. Neglected parks, recreation centers, and playgrounds. Buildings that need to be more energy efficient. Energy sources that need to be more environment-friendly.

WORK THAT NEEDS DOING is a project designed to bring these pictures to light. With the support of community, labor, and advocacy organizations from coast to coast, we’re gathering photos of work that needs doing and making sure our nation’s policymakers and elected officials see them.

Our mission is to put America back to work repairing our infrastructure and meeting our education, healthcare, and clean energy needs. Not only will it give our economy and middle class a desperately-needed boost, but it’s the only way to reduce the deficit in the long run.

So let's prove there's plenty of work that needs doing. Take some photos and upload them to the Work That Needs Doing website.