Washington Teamsters Plan to Leaflet 50 Fred Meyer and QFC Stores

Leafleting to take place statewide over the weekend  (Tukwila, WA) Teamster grocery warehouse workers, their families, and community allies will handbill 50 Fred Meyer and QFC stores this weekend, demanding that the stores’ parent company, Kroger, provide its workers and their families with quality, affordable health care coverage.

Kroger reported over $432 million in profits in the first quarter of 2011, an increase of 16%. Its CEO, David Dillon, has been paid over $25 million in the last five years.  Yet despite soaring profits, Kroger refuses in bargaining to provide Teamster grocery workers at the Fred Meyer distribution center in Puyallup with the same health care coverage as other workers in the industry, and instead has initiated a campaign to undermine the collective bargaining process.




Tracey A. Thompson, Teamsters Local 117 - Secretary Treasurer

Fred Meyer grocery warehouse workers and their family members




Saturday, August 20 / Sunday, August 21

11 A.M.



Fred Meyer Parking Lot

1100 North Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98371