Seattle City Council: Where are the jobs?

Washington Bus MC talks next to a vote robot by Sara Kiesler

Working Washington got on the Washington Bus at the Candidate Survivor last night to see what our City Council candidates were saying about jobs.

The results: *crickets chirping*.  Not much. But we did get a bit of a bite here and there.

The jobs talk roll: --When asked when she had ever not voted with the majority, City Councilwoman Sally Clark said she opposed the $25-per-employee-per-year head tax because she thought it would stunt job creation. The head tax, which was repealed, would have put $4.5 million toward transportation improvements, notably for bicycles and pedestrians.

--Every single candidate standing on the stage--from candidate Dale Pusey to longtime City Councilwoman Jean Godden--said they supported paid sick days for Seattle workers

--Candidate Michael Taylor-Judd said in response to a question about his stance against the Seattle deep bore tunnel that he instead wanted to spend the billions of dollars designated for the project on rapid transit and jobs

Hopefully, as the races roll on until August 16, when the mail-in ballots are due, we hope to hear more about how our city council people plan to put the 8.5 percent of Seattleites that are unemployed back to work.

Regardless, we had a lot of fun watching City Councilman Tim Burgess rap to the tune of Black and Yellow, and listening to City Council candidate Brad Meecham sing Lady Gaga’s Telephone in Japanese.