Who We Are -- Shawna L.

Hi. I’m Shawna and I moved here for a better life for my children.  I couldn’t find any work in Oregon and I came here to Washington hoping for a better chance. I had to get my sons out of the situation we were in, and even though it was really tough to move, I had to do it. When I got to Washington I had some trouble finding work, but I got a job at the packaging company, and I work overtime as much as possible just to get by. I asked my mom to move in with us to take care of the kids because I can’t afford child care. We're in Section 8 housing. Services are getting taken away and these budget cuts are making us choose between food and childcare. I chose food.

It's not fair what's happening. I’m so sick of services to the rest of us being cut while big corporations don’t even have to pay taxes.  I pay my taxes even though I really can’t afford it, but they don’t have to.  That’s wrong and that’s why I’m with Working Washington.

There’s no reason why big corporations should get away with paying nothing.  It’s time for it to be fair.