Who We Are -- Michael H.

I’m a retired general contractor, journeyman, salesman, a jack of all trade and I’ve lived up and down this whole country.  Now I'm staying with my wife, daughter and two grandkids here in Auburn. My wife and I are both in our 70's and my retirement check has been cut. My wife is on disability and we’re having a hard time paying the bills.  We’re living on a fixed income and the prices have gone up. My daughter helps us out as much as she can, even though she’s working and going to school and raising her two kids. I'm proud of her. She got onto the Dean’s List in college and we try to help her out with childcare, 'cause that’s what grandparents do.

My friends and family are barely making it. We are doing everything we can to help each other, but it's still not enough. I've been through hard times in my life and it's always gotten better because I've fought for it to get better. I know I have to fight now for a better future for my grandkids.

I have to because I’ve still got some living to do.  I got some people to look after.