Standing Up and Speaking Out at Chase

Nothing is going to change in this economy until people like us start to speak out. That’s why a group of Auburn residents took some time out of our busy Saturdays to deliver a letter to the manager of a local Chase branch.

The letter called on Chase to meet with people like us and explain what it intends to do with the $1.4 billion tax refund Chase is due.

Why isn’t that money going back into communities like Auburn to create jobs?

Why is Chase paying so little in tax when our public services like schools, higher education, and healthcare are facing massive cutbacks?

“I thought it went very well,” said Patti Larsen, the leader of our Working Washington delegation.

“I feel very good about the contact we made with Chase,” added Vernon Hill, who had a chance to talk to several customers about the special tax loopholes Chase gets.

Chase needs to continue to hear from us so it understands that we’re angry about the damage that big banks have done to our communities. They need to do their part to create jobs and rebuild our economy.

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