Working Washington Protests Tax Dodger Weyerhaeuser

It's Tax Day. Maybe you paid your taxes, but you know who didn't have to pay any last year? Weyerhauser, which kept $37 million.

That's why on Thursday we gathered around the Weyerhaeuser shareholders meeting to protest that they've taken our money, but instead of creating jobs for this community, have eliminated 748 jobs since 2005.

Not only did we spread the word about Weyerhaeuser to shareholders as they arrived in Federal Way -- we also asked some questions inside the shareholders meeting about creating a plan to create good jobs.

Federal Way Mirror reports:

"I pay taxes. Why shouldn't Weyerhaeuser?" asked Federal Way resident Omar Rubi. "They should create jobs for the community if they're going to take tax breaks."

Wendy Hall, co-chair of Pierce County Jobs With Justice's organizing committee, hoped Thursday's protest will motivate lawmakers to address corporate tax breaks.

"We're in a budget crunch," Hall said. "The least they can do is pay their taxes."