Nurses Care About Our Communities

Later today in Yakima, nurses, healthcare workers and community advocates will appeal directly to bank officials in Yakima to return the multi-million dollar tax breaks they receive under an outdated tax loophole, while patients and families lose access to healthcare. “More cuts to Basic Health and the Disability Lifeline will mean more people who can’t get the help they need. If state leaders succeed in closing Yakima Valley School, that’s going to cost our community 300 jobs as well as services that we badly need. Tax breaks for banks and big business are money on the table that could be used to help patients. The banks should share in the sacrifice that so many of us are being asked to make,” said Sandra Quick, an RN at Yakima Valley School.

“We’re essentially giving revenue away, but we don’t know where our patients, families or neighbors will go for healthcare,” Sandy continued. “It doesn’t make sense, and it’s not right.”

(Also posted to Families for a Fair Economy.)