Pablo Gonzalez

Applying for: Yakima City Council, District 2

Below are the answers Pablo Gonzalez provided to our ten-question job application. All answers are copied verbatim from what we received from the candidate.

1. What would you say is your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness?

My greatest strength is that I'm able to bring creative and new solutions to different issues. My greatest weakness is that I tend to get intensely passionate about issues, while this passion makes me effective in working on these issues, my passion can sometimes by mistaken for anger or frustration by others.

2. What are the best & worst jobs you’ve ever had? Why?

Intern lobbyist in Olympia was the best job I've had because I got a great deal of exposure to public officials which left me with a much better understanding of the decision making process. Worst Job I ever had was at a fruit packaging warehouse because of the difficult work for low pay.

3. Why is this position a good fit for you?

Yakima voters are looking for change. I have listened to their concerns and stories about what they need from their city. 

4. What makes you the best choice for workers in this race?

I started my business career as a lower wage worker and slowly built up y finances and experience until I was able to build a business of my own. These experiences have given me a much greater understanding of what Washington workers face and has strengthened by determination to see that they have the same support and opportunities that I had.

5. What do you think is the single biggest issue affecting workers in your area? What would you do to address it?

{no answer provided}

6. Describe a specific situation where you took action to support workers fighting for their rights. What was the experience like, and what did you learn? Bonus question: tell us about a time you engaged with workers with Working Washington.

I was involved with KDNA a local radio and civic engagement center since a young age. Always learning and righting with local farmworkers to advance our rights. 

7. What would be your top single priority if elected to this office? How would you define success or failure on this issue?

Crime is our top priority. Reduction in crime is the clear indicator, and strengthened relations between YPD and the community.

8. What can you do in this office to resist attacks by the Trump Administration on the rights of low-wage workers, who are disproportionately women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ?

I would first make it clear that I support each of the marginalized communities mentioned in this question on both a personal and policy level. I would then advocate for more education in relation to worker rights so that every worker better understands the protections available to them. 

9.   What can we, as the people of Yakima, do to establish better human relations among our citizens?   

More community engagement with the Yakima Police Department and City Hall.

10.  What can Yakima do to protect the rights of all the people who live and work in the city?  

We can encourage better engagement and dialogue among the different groups that make up our community. I believe that one way to accomplish protecting the rights of people is to stand with and support those who live and work in the City.