Dancers are required to pay house fees of up to $200 a night to the clubs. Regardless of how much money we make, we owe the clubs these fees every night we come in to work — which means we could work an entire shift and go home with less than what we came in with.

amber house fee quote.png

Particularly recently, many clubs are seeing very low customer-to-dancer ratios, making it hard to get enough work to pay our house fees and go home with a wage. This is due in part to restrictive regulations that make operating successful clubs difficult, and in part to managers failing to do their part to promote the clubs and bring in customers.

When dancers are unable to pay our house fees, we can rack up “back rent” — money we owe to the club, which they often use to pressure us into working extra shifts and can even result in being fired.

We want to organize to bring down house fees & make sure dancers can make a good living.

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