Chipotle, Tukwila

I’ve been working at Chipotle ever since my old job, at a store called Twins, shut down in January. I’m supposed to be full-time, but it kind of feels like part-time. My schedule is annoying because the hours are short and when I come in, sometimes they ask me to go home early.

I love to work, no matter what. Instead of staying at home playing video games, YouTube — boring. I like to go out and talk to other people, and get to know life.

But this week, I had three days off. I was supposed to have four, but they finally called me in on Monday, because someone didn’t show up. Okay, I guess. Another four hours….yay.

What the heck? I feel like this is part-time and not full-time.

Last time I was at the mall, I was with my little cousins. We were watching a movie. I had my Chipotle clothes, my Chipotle shirt and stuff, in a little bag because I already knew that they might call me in.

And then when I went home, my manager called me in. He just needed me there for an hour.

An hour!

And that just happened to my coworker the other day. She was like, “Can I just work my whole shift?” Sometimes, if I have plans on my day off, it’s ruined. Should I go somewhere? Or not? Who knows? It’s not fair.

I just got paid last Friday. I got $600 or so. I want to help support myself to eventually move out, and I’m also trying to help my mom, my grandma, and my auntie, you know? But now, it’s like I’m just working just to work.

I would really like to make sure management reaches out to people to make sure they give you the hours you need.

I need the hours, so now with this job, I don’t know what to do.