Thanks for letting us know if you can make it!

We hold these meetings online using an app called Zoom, so you can participate from your phone, computer, or table, wherever you are!

You can bookmark this page & click here to join the meeting when it gets started. But don't worry, we'll email you that link again with a reminder before the meeting. (If you want to get a head start, you can go ahead and download the Zoom app now — it's quick & easy.)

Stepping up to get involved with Working Washington makes our voice stronger, and that makes a huge difference — thank you! Now can you take the next step and make a contribution to build our statewide workers' movement? 

Every new member who joins our movement means more power and more resources to amplify workers' voices, stand up with workers fighting for their rights, and change the conversation about work, wealth, and inequality. 

Billionaires aren't going to support workers organizing to take on income inequality and fight for their rights, and the federal government sure isn't going to pay for it either.

That means it's up to the rest of usClick here to chip in $15 or whatever you can afford to power the fight for workers' rights. 

If you're already a contributing member you're a part of what makes this all possible — thank you for everything you do!