"I dream of taking her to the zoo for the first time"

Seattle fast food worker expresses strong support for plan to reach $15 for Seattle

A message from Julia DePape, Seattle McDonald's worker paid $9.65/hour: 

Julia DePape

"Although I am not there at City Hall today, I hope you can feel my excitement through my words and my spirit!

"First of all, I'd like to say that I support the Mayor's proposal to improve wages for Seattle workers.

"Fast food workers with Working Washington have led the way in the fight for $15 and if you could see my face right now, you'd see how happy I am that our work will finally pay off to change the lives of not only fast food workers but all workers here in Seattle.

"I'd also like to share with you what $15 really means to workers through my own example: What matters most to me, is my 4 year old daughter, Canaela. My dream is to give her the same opportunities as other children. For starters, I want to provide a stable home for her and I want to give her a space to call her own. With $15, I have a chance at that!

"Also, Canaela loves cats and dogs and probably any other animal she'd meet. I dream of taking her to the zoo for the first time because I can only imagine how her face would light up!

"With $15, I have a chance at that!

"If you've ever wondered what the fuss with fast food workers and $15 was about... We fight because we want a chance to live and it looks like our fight has paid off.

"Thank you."

Official statement from Working Washington here: http://www.workingwa.org/2014/05/01/mayors-minimum-wage-plan-earns-support-of-lowwage-workers/


Contact: Sage Wilson, Working Washington, sage@workingwa.org