“For a week, I had nothing”: Fighting for insurance coverage

I had an accident, somebody backed up and hit my car, and when I called Uber, it was an argument. They told me, “Go and call your personal insurance.” I said, “Personal insurance has nothing to do with this, because I had just dropped somebody off and had received another call I was going to.” Uber said, "Oh, your personal insurance will do it." I said "No, it's not on my insurance, I was working." It became an argument.

It wasn't worth it: When they knew that I was in an accident, they suspended me. So for a week, I had nothing. I wasn't making any money, because they wouldn't let me drive. I had to go to a mechanic and get it fixed. You can't just sit for more than a week. You have a kid, you have rent, you have things to do, you know? That's the way it is.

—Peter, Seattle Uber Driver