corporate & Political accountability 

We have the power to build a better future. We can create good jobs by investing in our communities. We can stop the cuts to healthcare, education, and other services. And we can make sure the rich pay their fair share so every community can thrive.

But the economy isn’t going to improve if we just wait for the corporations and the politicians to do the right thing. That’s why we’re building a movement to fight for good jobs and a better future for everyone.

Working Washington leverages strategic organizing, creative media-savvy mobilizations, and traditional coalition building to change the narrative about corporate accountability and income inequality. We’ve organized to challenge tax loopholes, support the Occupy movement, encourage community members to break up with the big banks, and fight cuts to critical services. We even brought Amazon warehouse workers from Pennsylvania to the steps of corporate headquarters in South Lake Union -- and got the company to drop out of ALEC, the infamous right-wing lobby group,  and invest millions in improving working conditions.