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Workers with Working Washington broke new ground for workers rights this year by coming together, speaking out, and making themselves heard. Check out some of the key stories where we hit the news, raised our voices, and changed the conversation about wealth, work, and inequality — and then help us keep it up by making a contribution today.

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The Big List

Airline Workers To Get $1,000 Bonuses After Tax Cut Trump Signed

NW News Network (1/5/2018)

Airlines sue over WA sick leave law

KCPQ-13 (2/7/2018)

Airlines Sue Over New Washington State Sick Leave Law

AP (2/7/2018)

ICYMI: Airlines Sue to Get Out of Following Washington Sick Leave Law

The Stranger (2/8/2018)

Nannies and other domestic workers push for new rights

Seattle’s Child (2/28/2018)

Push for domestic-worker benefits knocks at Seattle City Hall’s door

Seattle Times (3/15/2018)

A New Report Details All Kinds of Bullshit Seattle Domestic Workers Put Up With

Stranger (3/15/2018)

Trabajadores domésticos, acompañados por representantes de Working Washington y Casa Latina, estuvieron allí pidiéndole a la ciudad protecciones para una población que ahora mismo se encuentra vulnerable.

KUNS (3/15/2018)

Labor-backed group asks Washington state AG Bob Ferguson to charge Amazon with felony over head-tax threat

Seattle Times (5/9/2018)

Labor Group Asks Bob Ferguson to Criminally Charge Amazon Over Construction Pause

The Stranger (5/9/2018)

AG Bob Ferguson rejects activists’ call for felony prosecution of Amazon over head-tax threat

Seattle Times (5/11/2018)

Accusing Amazon of a felony shows skewed logic

Seattle Times Editorial (5/11/2018)

State updating rules on salaries for exempt employees

Kitsap Sun (5/25/2018)

'We're people too': Seattle domestic workers praise proposed bill of rights

KING-5 (6/21/2018)

Domestic workers: ‘We’re like the garbage they ask us to clean up’

Crosscut (6/21/2018)

Domestic workers deserve fair wages and treatment

Seattle Times Op-Ed (6/22/2018)

Carta de derechos

KUNS (6/22/2018)

Bill seeks to raise labor standards for housecleaners and nannies

Curbed Seattle (6/22/2018)

Seattle Considers a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Slate (6/29/2018)

AG Ferguson moves to open job opportunities for fast food workers

KIRO 7 (7/12/2018)

Seven Fast Food Restaurants Agree to Stop Practice That Screws Workers

The Stranger (7/12/2018)

Connelly: Big fast food firms to end 'no poach' rules that lock in workers

Seattle P-I (7/12/2018)

Washington AG’s Deal Grants Mobility to Fast Food Workers Nationwide

Seattle Weekly (7/13/2018)

Gig workers speak out

KNKX Radio (7/18/2018)

Think it’s easy to deliver groceries or drive a ride-share? Think again, workers say

Tacoma News Tribune (7/20/2018)

Seattle council to vote on new rights for nannies, house cleaners and gardeners

Seattle Times (7/22/2018)

Seattle is the first city in the nation to protect domestic workers

Crosscut (7/23/2018)

Seattle council approves 'bill of rights' for domestic workers

KOMO TV (7/23/2018)

Seattle approves new rights for nannies, domestic workers

KING-TV (7/23/2018)

Seattle Approves New Rights for Nannies, Domestic Workers

Associated Press (7/23/2018)

Seattle passes bill of rights for domestic workers

KIRO-TV (7/23/2018)

House Cleaners, Nannies, Other Domestic Workers to Get New Labor Protections

Stranger (7/23/2018)

Want to hire a nanny? Better brush up on this new law

KUOW (7/23/2018)

Seattle City Council passes new labor standards for domestic workers

Curbed (7/23/2018)

Seattle City Council approves labor standards for domestic workers

My Northwest (7/23/2018)

Seattle nannies, house cleaners and gardeners will get more rights, new board

Seattle Times (7/23/2018)

Nannies of the Northwest, Unite! Seattle Tests a New Labor Model

Bloomberg (7/24/2018)

‘I wouldn’t have been homeless if I had benefits.’ Gig economy workers demand better protections

Geekwire (7/28/2018)

Seattle worker-rights groups uniting to create ‘one-stop shop’ for workplace wrongs

Seattle Times (8/3/2018)

The gig economy traps workers in an unstable, chaotic cycle

Real Change (8/15/2018)

Shaping the 21st century workers’ movement

South Seattle Emerald (9/2/2018)

Amazon switches from defense to offense, raising starting wage for its workers to $15 an hour

Seattle Times (10/2/2018)

State considers overtime rule changes

KING 5 (10/19/2018)

More Washington workers could be eligible for overtime under proposed change

Spokane Spokesman-Review (10/22/2018); Also appeared in Yakima Herald

Another Nonprofit Resists a Fair Labor Measure

Nonprofit Quarterly (10/22/2018)

Washington considers raising 42-year-old standard on who gets overtime pay

Seattle Times (10/25/2018)

Public to weigh in on state proposal allowing more workers to earn overtime pay

KIRO 7 (11/27/2018)

Businesses and nonprofits express concern over proposed overtime rule

Yakima Herald (11/28/2018); also appeared in Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Exotic dancers want more on-the-job protections in Washington State

KUOW (12/5/2018)

Exotic dancers want more work protections

Q13 (12/5/2018)

Dancers want protection from sexual harassment

KOMO TV (12/6/2018)

‘Clopening,’ other erratic work schedules take toll on service, retail workers, report says

Tacoma News-Tribune (12/20/2018); also appeared in The Olympian & The Tri-City Herald)