Your interest in the campaign and ability to craft a compelling story makes you a perfect candidate to contribute as a spokesperson on behalf of I-1433.   We're looking for about 150 words in response to common negative claims about the initiative including: that $13.50 is too high a wage (not if you want to afford rent), that it doesn't work for communities outside of Seattle (except for all the ones that want a higher minimum wage), that small businesses will have to close their doors (which they didn't after the Seattle wage increase), etc.  The typical format we look for is a few paragraphs starting with something along the lines of:

  • I am writing to express my concern with [the opinion you disagree with in the article] or [people who are against I-1433.
  • I am/have been/know people in [a low-wage industry that would be positively affected by the initiative], and speak a little bit about what that's like or what you've heard that's like.
  • I think people against 1433 are wrong because [say why based on your thoughts, research, experience, or all three!]
  • Conclusion! [something positive and hopeful about winning!]

Obviously, this isn't a strict and hard and fast style, but being sure to cover all these bases will be helpful and get you into the papers where you belong!

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Say a little about something you hear about the minimum wage that just isn't right.
Have you or anyone you know worked a low wage job?
What would you say to folks who don't want you to get paid more or get sick time?
How would I 1433 make the lives of you or people you know better?