Take action for secure scheduling

Instead of offering predictable shifts and reliable hours, companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Target are driving workers’ lives out of balance with unstable & unpredictable schedules that don’t offer the stability and flexibility you need to care for your family, contribute to your community, and live a balanced life. 

You can’t live your life on a few day’s notice. If you don’t get your schedule until right before the workweek starts, everything becomes a scramble and it’s almost impossible get a second job, go back to school, make time to help your kids with their homework, or even just make an appointment.

That's why workers in coffee, fast food, and other jobs are speaking out about how unstable, unpredictable schedules are affecting their lives, budgets, and families — and what can be done to make our schedules more secure, flexible, and balanced.

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