We are Instacart workers from across Washington & across the country who are speaking out about recent changes to the platform that have cut our income, taken our tips, and hurt our customers. Check out the info on this page, sign on to our petition to get plugged in, and then share it to spread the word.


HEre’s Our 22 cents — no more tip theft, low pay, and black-box pay algorithms

We are Instacart workers. Some of us work buying and delivering groceries full-time, and some of us work part-time. Some have been on the platform for just a few months, and some for years. But since November, all of us have seen dramatic cuts in our paychecks. Some of us have seen wages lowered by 30-40% overall. Some of us have had to work twice as many hours just to make ends meet. Now, we’re speaking out to demand that Instacart address these issues by agreeing to a predictable, transparent pay structure.


Next time, tip 22 cents

Tipping 22 cents up front signals to the worker buying your groceries that you understand what’s going on, you’re showing solidarity with workers, and you don’t want Instacart pocketing your tip money.

tom+full+smaller (1).png


Yep, that’s right. Eighty cents. That’s what Instacart actually paid Tom, an Instacart worker, for 69 minutes of his time.

Including mileage.


We’ve got receipts

It’s not just that one 80¢ job. Instacart’s shady practice of taking tips has started to get the attention it deserves, and shoppers across the country have been sending in screenshots that show just how messed up the company’s pay system is.

ashley+ic+graphic (1).png

“I've seen an overall reduction of 30% in my pay.

 I went from making about $1000/week pre-expenses to making $600-700 a week. Not only am I making less money and pulling out of our savings to pay bills, I've had to work 7 days a week since the new pay structure rolled out. Not being able to spend time with my kids is really hard for me. I went from being there for everything to missing my daughter's first basketball practice so I could take more batches.”

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