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City councilmembers, state legislators, and other elected officials pay close attention to what's printed in community newspapers like The Bellevue Reporter. That's why writing a letter to the editor is one of the most effective ways to show that people in your community support raising wages.

Fill out the form to submit a letter to the editor about how nobody can survive on minimum wage — and why higher pay is good for workers and good for the economy. There’s a sample below to get you started, but it's simple: just put it in your own words and write from your heart. Take five minutes and write your letter today!


Bellevue fast food workers have already stood up for better wages. They went out on strike demanding the big fast food chains pay them living wages. Just think about it. Could you survive on $9.47 an hour? That's next year's state minimum wage. It may be the highest in the country, but it's still not enough for workers to support themselves, afford the basics, and contribute to the economy. Raising wages is good for workers striving for a better future. It's also good for our economy. After all, more people with more money means more customers for more businesses. That's why I think it's time to raise wages, raise up Bellevue workers, and raise up our whole state.
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