Take Action

We need jobs, not cuts.

Everyone deserves a shot at a good job — a job that offers fair wages, solid benefits, and opportunities for a better future.

But times are tough. Good jobs are hard to find, and the economy isn’t going to get better if we just wait for the corporations and the politicians to do the right thing. That’s why Working Washington supporters are building a movement to fight for good jobs and a better future for everyone.

Health care providers are speaking out against state and local budget cuts that would cost workers jobs and impact patient care.

The workers who keep our airport and seaport running are joining together to push for good jobs at the publicly-owned Port of Seattle.

And people from neighborhoods across King County are standing up to hold the politicians and corporations accountable to invest in our communities and create good jobs.

Join us:

Together, we can make the economy work for all of us, not just the top 1%.