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Worker Power


What a week of worker power! You probably saw fast food and coffee workers standing up against wage theft on TV, but if ya missed it in person, we got you covered. Check out our YouTube video “Make Them Pay” – it’s a little bonus footage of the week of worker lead actions against wage…

At Doc Maynard’s Low-Wage Workers Tell Their Stories


“I never used to understand my father,” Fermin said into the microphone. “He was always angry, cold, you know? It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized why. He was always working and it was killing him.” He looked around the full room at Doc Maynard’s Bar and gripped the microphone. “He worked jobs…

Airport workers are fed up


(Originally posted on itsourairport.org) Airport workers have been fighting for better work treatment for months now; workers and community members are still taking action to make every airport job a good job. Workers for Menzies, a low wage contractor hired by Alaska Airlines handles bags for passengers. Workers, for months now have been asking for…