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Corporate tax dodgers put on notice by the 99%


by Nate Jackson On Tax Day the 99% took to the streets to show big corporate tax dodgers extraordinaires like Amazon and Wells Fargo that they were on notice.  Thousands of people across the country participated as workers, concerned citizens and community groups came together to address some of the fundamental problems facing all of…

One loophole down, many more to go.


by Nathan Jackson After years of public pressure state lawmakers finally closed one of the most egregious loopholes in our state budget: a lucrative giveaway for out of state big banks worth tens of millions a year. It is a good start and it would not have happened without public pressure, but we still have…

Hundreds tell Wells Fargo: Pay your fair share!

Hundreds gathered in front of Wells Fargo

By Nate Jackson On Tuesday, we gathered at Westlake Park to say we’ve had enough. We are sick and tired of Wells Fargo and other big corporations wiggling out of paying their fair share.We have done our part, but it’s time the big corporations did their part too. They need to pay their fair share….