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Amazon dumps ALEC and promises to invest in warehouses, courtesy of the 99%.


By Nate Jackson Reverend Angela Ying, a 99%er, stood up in the middle of the Amazon Shareholder meeting and asked the billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos point blank, “Why are you still supporting the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)?” Bezos passed the question to an Amazon lawyer, Michelle Wilson. Wilson in as many words told us…

BREAKING NEWS: Amazon to drop its support of ALEC and improve warehouse conditions.


At the shareholder meeting on Thursday, May 24th, Amazon announced that it is dropping its support of ALEC (The American Legislative Exchange Council) in the face of “public concerns.” This is a direct result of consistent, public pressure. When we all stick to it and work together we can make a difference. From the Seattle…

99% launch week of action ahead of Amazon Shareholder Meeting on May 24th


Time for the giant retailer to pay their taxes, treat workers with respect, and dump ALEC The 99% shine a light on Amazon. While tourists and locals alike watched the 99% sent a message to Amazon using light and the backdrop of the Seattle Art Museum, the location of Amazon’s upcoming shareholding meeting. The messages:…