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BREAKING: Minimum wage repeal referendum will NOT qualify for the ballot

Latest numbers from King County Elections show that Forward Seattle’s referendum to repeal $15 cannot reach the necessary signature threshold and will not qualify for the ballot King County Elections has now reviewed well over half of the referendum petitions submitted by Forward Seattle, and their fringe effort to repeal the minimum wage law has come up short….

Support Seattle Workers!

“If Your Business Supports Poverty Wages, We Won’t Support Your Business.” A fringe group of right-wing conservatives, real estate developers, and corporate executives are using misleading tactics to try and repeal Seattle’s minimum wage law and keep workers in poverty. Everyone has a right to their opinion. But if your business supports poverty wages, we won’t support…

$15 for Seattle – April 23, 2014

Support our families. Afford to survive. Live on our own. Pay the bills. That’s what workers need: a $15 minimum wage so everyone can support themselves, afford the basics, and contribute to the economy. Join us April 23rd at City Hall to show how strongly our community supports $15 for Seattle. We’ll gather on the…