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Unemployment down, but not out.

Unemployed workers fighting for good jobs.

by Nate Jackson The latest report put out by the Department of Labor showed that 200,000 new jobs were created in the month of December. This was better than expected, but we still have over 5 million people who have been unemployed for over 27 weeks, the named “long term unemployed.” This is unacceptable and…

We need good jobs, not bad options.

Standing up for Good Jobs in DC.

by Nate Jackson Leonard Sims had a long career in the construction field. He put in the hours, worked overtime and did whatever job was asked of him. He specialized in laying concrete for a small contractor centered in South Seattle. He’s been part of the close knit community for most of his life. Sims…

A week of action in DC and we’re just warming up.

Christmas without a job?

by Nate Jackson 500 white carnations rest on the steps of the capitol building as thousands of the 99% walked silently by on our way to Speaker Boehner’s office. As Speaker of the House, Boehner can do a lot to jam up our democratic process— if we let him. It’s time for Congress to get…