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Clippy and Microsoft have a heart to heart

Microsoft clippy cuts

By Nathan Jackson You can’t keep a good annoying, incorrigible, out of work icon down; at least not for long. Over 100 community members came to University Village to tell the Starbucks and Microsoft CEOs that they need to drop their support of the corporate front group “Fix the Debt.” This group of wealthy CEOs…

CEOs to the rescue–of their low tax rates


By Nathan Jackson We have to admit, the CEOs do have guts. After taking a shellacking in the election these greedy CEOs think they can still work their will on Congress. They’ve even formed their own little private party called “Fix the Debt.” Eighty CEOs including the heads of companies like Macy’s, Bank of America…



By Nathan Jackson Working Washington is fighting for the 99%. We’ve pushed for good jobs & economic justice and stood with workers fighting for safety and fairness in their workplaces. We’ve made a difference already because of all the hard work you all have put in and we want to say thanks…and ask for more….