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Workers Ignite A Movement In 2013

Check out our Prezi Presentation of some of the best moments in the new workers’ movement from 2013!

Frequently Asked Questions about the “Fight for $15”

1. Does higher pay mean fewer jobs? No. According to numerous studies, raising the minimum wage shows little negative impact on the number of jobs[1]. This may surprise you if you’re used to trickle-down economics, but the data shows that when wages are raised in a broad manner the workers use that increase in wages…

Customers turn away from Subway – in support of striking worker

“I’ll be honest, I love Subway’s sandwiches,” said Michelle standing outside of the 8th and Olive Subway holding her umbrella. “I eat there all the time, but not anymore. I can’t believe they fired a striking worker. That’s wrong.” She wasn’t alone. Customers going to downtown Subways during the all important lunch rush were confronted…