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We Are Rising

Seattle won $15 but the movement to strike poverty isn’t over yet. The International Franchise Association is suing to overturn our minimum wage law because they think it’s not fair to McDonald’s, and Tim Eyman wants more than $1 million to try and take away the power cities have to raise wages.

It’s a McWedding and I’m Lovin’ It

Originally published in Publicola What do you get when you bring together corporate chains fighting the $15 minimum wage, Federal law, and a beautiful Seattle summer day? It’s a wedding! At an intimate ceremony at the Denny Triangle McDonald’s hosted by Working Washington last week and witnessed by workers, customers, and TV cameras, McDonald’s Corporation…

A forever-commitment of McDonald’s and Franchisees

McDonald’s Corporation and franchisees tie the knot, take joint responsibility for employees In a intimate ceremony held in the Denny Triangle neighborhood this morning, McDonald’s Corporation was formally betrothed to its franchisees, marking the long-awaited Federal recognition of their status as joint employers. (The couple is registered in Federal district court, where their lobby group is…