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Boycott McPoverty – February 20th

The big burger chains make billions of dollars a year while paying workers less than it takes to survive. McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s have franchised a McPoverty business model that  leaves workers unable to support themselves, shifts costs to the public, and lowers consumer demand. When workers aren’t paid enough to even afford basics like…

Workers Ignite A Movement In 2013

Check out our Prezi Presentation of some of the best moments in the new workers’ movement from 2013!

On The March – 13 miles for $15

Fast food workers and community allies went on the march for $15 from the victory in SeaTac all the way to Seattle City Hall – literally, 13+ miles. These are our stories. Mile 1: We start our march on the corner of 176th and International Blvd after a launch rally, more like a launch party…