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Our Economic Resolution


By Nathan Jackson Every year people make New Year’s resolutions. Eat healthier. Reconnect with old friends. Save money. This year it’s time we all came together and made an Economic Resolution, and unlike the promises the fade away after a few weeks, we can’t afford to let this resolution fail. We can’t just sit around…

They’re the Dirty Thirty: 30 big corporations who invest millions in lobbyists so they can avoid billions in taxes.

Banks got bailed out; you got sold out.

by Nate Jackson Your taxes should be based on how much you earn — it’s only fair. So why are there 30 big corporations who make big profits but haven’t paid their fair share for years? Could it have something to do with the millions they invest in lobbyists who push for special tax benefits? Wells…

We can drive out of this jobs crisis, if we fix our roads and bridges.

Looking out at I-5

By Nate Jackson You’re not the only one who feels like they should be driving an ATV down parts of I-5 and other major roads. In fact, one out of four roads in the greater Seattle area is in desperate need of repair. We are not even talking about new roads and ramps; we’re talking…