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The 99% to Olympia: No more big bank tax cuts


by Nate Jackson Hundreds of silent protesters lined the halls beneath the state capitol dome. We had dollar bills strapped over our mouths and watched as Washington State Legislators slinked by on their way to a party. It was hard to understand what they were celebrating. They had just rammed through a budget that slashes…

The Port of Seattle should live up to its responsibility


by Nate Jackson Living check to check is hard enough. Giving up those checks because an employer is mistreating you is even harder.  But that’s exactly what Seattle port truck drivers did this month. The Seattle port truck drivers three-week walkout brought them some big wins, but it also showed how deep the problems run…

Fairness: a “sickening” concept?


by Nate Jackson Apparently the 1% don’t like hearing from us. Billionaire Paychex Inc CEO Tom Golisano said, “If I hear a politician use the term ‘paying your fair share’ one more time, I’m going to vomit.” The idea of fairness makes him sick and he’s not alone. Big bank CEOs and other 1% elites…