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Subway gets 1 star reviews


Hundreds of folks signed the petition demanding Subway rehire Carlos after the sandwich maker fired him in retaliation for going out on strike for better pay and the right to organize. The story has gotten the attention of local blogs and the foodie website Delish — but people are doing even more than signing a…

We’re walking out on August 29th. Join us.

Apron Web Graphic

We work at fast food chains and other low-wage jobs and we deserve better. That’s why we’re joining with thousands of other workers from New York to Chicago and beyond to call on low-wage workers across the country to walk off the job on August 29th.  We’re going on strike to improve conditions for all workers…

Wage Theft is a CRIME. Make them pay.


This THURSDAY, August 1st, 4:15pm at Westlake Park. Fast food restaurants are stealing money from the paychecks of poverty wage workers – as much as $100,000 a week in Seattle alone. This wage theft crime scene includes: Forced to work off the clock Unpaid breaks Not paid time and a half for overtime Subminimum wages…