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Chase’s favorite Washington Congressman: Representative Reichert

by Nate Jackson The dog days of August are starting to wind down. Families are beginning to come back from vacations, school bells are ringing and Rep. Reichert’s hiding from his constituents, raising money from wealthy donors and ignoring the jobs problem. Instead of spending the time away from Congress to meet with his constituents,…

This is What Democracy Looks Like!

We are so, so, so proud of the 200 people that came out to demand good jobs from Rep. Dave Reichert in his district. Watch as they rally:

Making Change

by Sandra VanderVen There are fundamental beliefs that I hold true. I believe that as people age, they should have peace knowing that if they have to stop working, they won’t starve. I believe that there should be special programs in place to help give everyone a leg up, no matter what is holding us…