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We can drive out of this jobs crisis, if we fix our roads and bridges.

Looking out at I-5

By Nate Jackson You’re not the only one who feels like they should be driving an ATV down parts of I-5 and other major roads. In fact, one out of four roads in the greater Seattle area is in desperate need of repair. We are not even talking about new roads and ramps; we’re talking…

From Banner Drops to the Today Show

Hoda of The Today Show stands with a Working Washington member holding a jobs sign

by Nate Jackson The 99 percent are fed up with economic injustice. We want a better today where we can find good jobs and a better future for our children. Greedy CEOs have had their chance to run things, and we’ve seen what happened as a result: bailouts, tax giveaways to out of state corporations…

Join us November 17th: we need jobs, not cuts

Our Bridge Needs Work and So Do We

We have a jobs crisis here in Washington. But instead of getting us back to work by investing in transportation, education, and health care, Congress and the State Legislature are considering billions more in cuts. We need  jobs, not cuts: 45 bridges in King County are “structurally deficient”. 349 more are “functionally obsolete.” $6 billion of…