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The 99% to Olympia: No more big bank tax cuts


by Nate Jackson Hundreds of silent protesters lined the halls beneath the state capitol dome. We had dollar bills strapped over our mouths and watched as Washington State Legislators slinked by on their way to a party. It was hard to understand what they were celebrating. They had just rammed through a budget that slashes…

Hundreds tell Wells Fargo: Pay your fair share!

Hundreds gathered in front of Wells Fargo

By Nate Jackson On Tuesday, we gathered at Westlake Park to say we’ve had enough. We are sick and tired of Wells Fargo and other big corporations wiggling out of paying their fair share.We have done our part, but it’s time the big corporations did their part too. They need to pay their fair share….

They’re the Dirty Thirty: 30 big corporations who invest millions in lobbyists so they can avoid billions in taxes.

Banks got bailed out; you got sold out.

by Nate Jackson Your taxes should be based on how much you earn — it’s only fair. So why are there 30 big corporations who make big profits but haven’t paid their fair share for years? Could it have something to do with the millions they invest in lobbyists who push for special tax benefits? Wells…