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Extra Car Park isn’t paying their workers $15/hr

Two groups of airport workers and community supporters took it right to their employers, Extra Car Park and Air Serv, demanding better wages and working conditions. Extra Car Park isn’t paying their workers the $15/hour that the people of SeaTac voted for and is trying to intimidate workers who are standing up for what they…

Workers Ignite A Movement In 2013

Check out our Prezi Presentation of some of the best moments in the new workers’ movement from 2013!

At Doc Maynard’s Low-Wage Workers Tell Their Stories


“I never used to understand my father,” Fermin said into the microphone. “He was always angry, cold, you know? It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized why. He was always working and it was killing him.” He looked around the full room at Doc Maynard’s Bar and gripped the microphone. “He worked jobs…