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Get on the call with Senator Patty Murray


Election Day was huge. In race after race, voters rejected the 1% agenda. Across the country, candidates won elections because they committed to give us jobs not cuts. Now we need to hold the politicians to their promises. The first step: a tele-town hall with Senator Patty Murray beginning at 5:45 pm on Monday, November…



By Nathan Jackson Working Washington is fighting for the 99%. We’ve pushed for good jobs & economic justice and stood with workers fighting for safety and fairness in their workplaces. We’ve made a difference already because of all the hard work you all have put in and we want to say thanks…and ask for more….

Our political leaders, candidates and policies shouldn’t be for rent.


By Nathan Jackson 99% SuperPACs have been meeting from South to North Seattle and across from Tacoma to Bellevue. We are dedicated groups coming together to bring forward the issues that really matter to the 99%: good jobs, affordable healthcare, and political system that isn’t rigged against us. We learn about what causes these problems,…