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Lower tax rates with that latte?

Baristas in DC were compelled to write slogans on customers' cups.

By Nathan Jackson Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is leading a charge of merry CEOs to Washington DC, mocha in hand, to say to our elected leaders, “Hey Congress! Cut more social services and give us rich guys more money.” They have a more subtle way of saying it, but that’s the primary message of the…



By Nathan Jackson Working Washington is fighting for the 99%. We’ve pushed for good jobs & economic justice and stood with workers fighting for safety and fairness in their workplaces. We’ve made a difference already because of all the hard work you all have put in and we want to say thanks…and ask for more….

McKenna for Rent?


By Nathan Jackson When big corporations, trade associations and the 1% ply our politicians with fundraisers they aren’t doing it out of a sense of civic duty. They give money, they expect a big return on their investment–policies that give more money and more power to the people who are already plenty rich and powerful….