Current vote count on Paid Family Leave (HB 1116)

Washington State House of Representatives

YES: 40


NO: 18


A strong paid family leave proposal (HB 1116) has already passed out of the House Labor committee and the House Appropriations committee. The next step is to secure majority support for the bill so it can pass on the floor of the House.

It takes 50 votes to get a majority in the State House, and we’re not there yet. Help us get it done: contact your State Representatives and ask them to support statewide paid family leave by passing HB 1116

Here’s where the votes stand right now:

  • 40 members of the House have either voted YES for paid family leave in committee, or have added their names to the bill as co-sponsors.
  • 18 voted NO in committee.
  • 40 have not taken a public position on the issue (that we know about).

We need to secure 10 more Yes votes to get a majority. Help make it happen:

Where each State House member stands

After you contact your representatives on paid family leave, let us know how they respond, and we'll update this live vote tracker below.