On Tuesday, November 10, we'll be livestreaming video of workers all over the state taking action to demand a $15 minimum wage and workers' rights. We're broadcasting a message to corporations that they need to pay living wages and respect their workers’ rights on the job. And we’ll be telling politicians all over this state: Workers had better be at the top of your agenda.

And you can add your voice to the broadcast. Just take a short video on your phone or computer and answer this question:

If you had one minute to tell a politician in our state why we need higher wages, what would you say?

From Olympia to Yakima, people in Washington are rising up to demand a $15 an hour minimum wage, paid sick and safe time, and fair work schedules. We know when workers’ paychecks grow, our communities benefit. Everyone deserves to be able to support themselves and afford the basics. And more people with more money to spend means more money in our local economy.

Help us tell our state’s politicians why we need $15 an hour.