Peach McDouall of Tacoma is joining us on May Day. Here's why:

Peach McDouall

Peach McDouall

"My dad worked for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, so I saw the benefits of union membership as I grew up.

My mom worked as a legal secretary. My blue collar parents worked hard so that we could live in a place with good schools, but my friends' parents were mostly execs — my class-consciousness developed early on. I got a great education, but have worked in blue collar positions most of my life. 

Retail and restaurant work aren't just challenging, they're the best use I've found for my gifts. I have turned down management positions to avoid having to take part in union-busting. I can't for the life of me understand why our nation devalues the work that keeps this whole country going, while lionizing the people who greedily accumulate more than they will ever need.    

When we exercise our constitutional right to assemble & petition for redress of grievances, I don't expect the powerful to suddenly change their minds. But I know from talking to friends at church that folks who are too busy or to frightened to come, and who have friends out in the streets, feel solidarity and hope. Those feelings are so needful these days!    

Come with me on May Day, and we'll both speak for someone who can’t be there."

— Peach McDouall, Tacoma