Maybe you've heard about this already, but we thought we’d point out once again the tired old arguments we heard against higher wages and paid sick leave down in Olympia recently.

After workers testified before the House Labor Committee last week that Washington State needs a higher minimum wage—so people can afford rising rents, bills, child care, medical costs, school tuition, and still have enough to plan for the future—Rep. Matt Manweller said all he heard were “a bunch of college students” who were just “parading” their “stories about what the world owes them.”

Here are some highlights of Manweller’s attempt to Manwellersplain poverty, economics, and the good ol’ days…

Things Manweller remembers from the old days:


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#Manwellersplaining poverty wages

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 And what he thought of the citizens who testified about struggling with poverty-wage employment:

#Manwellersplaining what he thinks of—hey, that was us! #bingo

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Wait! Maybe he’s just mad because we won our bingo game? (When the business lobbyists trotted out the same cliché arguments about the terrors of paying a living wage, we had a little fun. Maybe it hurt his feelings?)

His advice to youngsters:

#Manwellersplaining again.

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Hmmm… Wait, Professor Manweller, did you hear Luke, the full-time Evergreen student who testified about how hard it was to keep your grades up and pay for rent, tuition, fees, food, and other living expenses on his low-wage restaurant salary? And about how much debt he’s in for his education?

Wait, surely you heard Aberdeen Taco Bell worker Nathan, who’s been working there for 5 years and still makes just $9.50 an hour?

 Nah, we didn’t think you were listening.

We’ve been trying to figure out what meme Manweller’s doing an impression of. Is it Old Economy SteveGrandpa Simpson? Or... has he become his own meme?

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