The minimum wage in Washington is just $9.32 an hour. Next year, our state’s minimum wage will go up… to only $9.47 an hour. That’s not enough to make ends meet. And workers across the state are rising up. In Seattle, workers won a $15 minimum wage. In Bellevue, workers have gone on strike and even been arrested for engaging in peaceful civil disobedience. In Olympia, the city council is now paying attention to workers’ fight for $15, too.
So here’s what we’re doing online: Tell us why Washington needs a raise to more than nine bucks—and say it in less than nine words. We’ll be posting these messages online, and we'll also be sharing them with workers across Washington State who are fighting for higher pay.


…Because McDonald’s made $5 billion last year.
…Because our families deserve a happy holiday.
…Because it’s time to buy a real winter coat.
…Because Thanksgiving turkey sure isn’t cheap.

Now you try…

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Photo by AFS-USA Intercultural Programs via Creative Commons