It's time for paid family leave in Washington.

We need employers and the government to recognize the basic facts that everyone has a family and everyone needs time to care.

At some point in their working life, everyone will need time to care for a new child or other family member. But only 13% of all private sector workers in the U.S. have any paid family leave at all, and the best-paid workers are three and a half times more likely to have access to paid family leave than the lowest-paid workers. Inequitable corporate policies only make these disparities worse.

The good news is that the Washington State Legislature is considering several different Paid Family Leave proposals which would provide workers the paid family and medical leave we need. The city of Seattle is considering a plan too. And many corporations are taking steps forward too.

There's a lot to wrestle with in the finer points of the policy — and we'll be watching all that very closely. But it's also important to listen to workers speaking out for themselves about why we need time to care.

We need time to care because we have families, too.


Why do you support paid family leave?